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How we can help with recycling your mattress

The first thing you’ll need is a green bag. If you purchase a new mattress in store we’ll offer you one of these when you place your order. If you order online, you have the choice of adding mattress recycling to your basket, when you choose a new mattress. When you purchase mattress recycling with your new mattress, we’ll post out a green bag to you, in time for your delivery.

If your green bag has become lost or damaged, please contact us for another one, or request one from your local store.

Once you have your green bag:

  1. 48 hours before your delivery date you will receive a text or call from your servicing Delivery Centre. You should now start to prepare for collection.

  2. Place your old mattress inside the green bag provided. Ensure the bag is fully sealed and undamaged.

  3. Place your bagged and sealed items in a place that is easily accessible for our delivery crew.

  4. Do not leave items exposed to conditions that could cause them to become wet or soiled. Sit back and relax knowing you’ve done your bit!

When you follow these simple steps, the delivery crew will have no problem picking up your old bed!

Can we help with recycling beds?

Yes, but only divan beds. We don’t recycle headboards or bed frames. If you want us to take a divan for recycling, they need to be unbolted, empty and presented in a fully sealed and undamaged green bag (see where you can get one of these under ‘how we can help with recycling your mattress, above).

Please note: for both mattresses and divan bases, we reserve the right to refuse to collect any item we believe to constitute a health and safety risk to our employees, or any of our service partners. We can only accept items presented in the green bags provided.

What can your mattress recycling be used for?

Parts of your mattress can be utilised for acoustic insulation, automotive felt and carpet underlay. 

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